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Confluence is a corporate wiki that helps people collaborate and share information securely. It is a powerful tool that can be used for:

Responsa with its solutions guarantees maximum customisation of Confluence according to the specific use case.

Auto-generated responses from OpenAI, fast and accurate

Responsa’s ChatBot for Confluence is powered by OpenAI and allows it to self-generate quick, accurate and human-touch answers, and to suggest the most relevant articles from the Confluence space to the user based on their request.


Your Confluence space synchronised in one click

Synchronise your Confluence space in an instant and make it accessible and searchable in natural language, helping users get better search results and easily find what they are looking for.

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Reach your users everywhere

Your users are looking for support on the channels they prefer. With Responsa’s ChatBot GPT for Confluence you can easily extend your presence across different platforms, from the web to MS Teams.


Full control over the AI model

The OpenAI API, unlike with ChatGPT, allows control over the ChatBot’s answers and directs the behaviour of the AI model to avoid incorrect or irrelevant answers.

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