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Infinite possibilities offered by AI and ChatBot solutions for Retail

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Increase purchases

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Improve employee experience

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Simplify in-store processes

Effectively manage peak demand

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Artificial Intelligence and ChatBots for Retail & Large-scale Retail Distribution

Offer customers and in-store employees an enhanced retail experience powered by Artificial Intelligence to build trust and boost purchases with our ChatBots. Available 24/7 to meet requests and ensure quality service. Available 24/7, to meet requests and ensure quality service.
ChatBots are the best tool to tirelessly manage an almost unlimited volume of requests, anytime and anywhere users may be.
Furthermore, all requests find an instant and precise solution thanks to our integrated solution.
Conversational AI, which enhances customer support and Help Desks, is easy to integrate and infinitely scalable.
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Optimize customer service and reduce workload in retail


Increase the productivity of your staff in Retail & Large-scale Retail Distribution

Free up the company’s in-store staff from all repetitive and low-value tasks they have to manage every day, allowing for lower costs and a more efficient service, thus significantly reducing waiting times for the end user. Maximum effectiveness and increased productivity are guaranteed.

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Resolve every request quickly and automatically

Allow customers and employees to independently and quickly solve problems and always find what they need, anytime and anywhere they may be. Responsa’s AI-ChatBot multitasking solution easily integrates with your business systems and manages customers’ and employees’ requests in real-time and automatically.

Access statistics and monitor users’ satisfaction levels

Access insights and statistics to understand and monitor the requests and needs of your employees, in order to improve the service and provide increasingly efficient support. Through a dedicated dashboard, it is possible to monitor the most frequent issues (type and areas of requests that generate more tickets) and integrate the knowledge base with new information.
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Top performances for the Retail sector

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Automate your 24/7 support processes for your customers and employees

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24/7 answers to frequently asked questions

Users can engage in natural dialogue with the ChatBot, receiving immediate responses and support at any time without long waiting times, thus increasing customer satisfaction, user retention, and the likelihood of completing a purchase.


Assist your customers and employees on every channel

Once the AI engine is created, the same ChatBot can be used across multiple channels, from web to phone, smart speakers, WhatsApp, and many others.

AI assistance can thus be integrated into the channel of your choice to connect with your employees.

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