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Reducing costs by automating processes

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Improving user satisfaction

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Managing peak demand effectively

Gathering customer and employee insights


Automates Service Desk processes

Improve operations and reduce support costs through the Responsa chatbot.

There are many standardised and unvarying processes, based on the processing of easily identifiable information, that the Responsa chatbot can handle by integrating into your business systems, reducing the time agents have to spend on low-level, unnecessary and repetitive tasks.

Responsa’s artificial intelligence allows you to revolutionise your service management, optimising resources, reducing costs, improving the user experience and maximising revenues.

114 dollar

Automate processes, increase productivity, reduce costs


Frees up resources and increases agent productivity

It frees agents from all the repetitive, low-value-added tasks they have to handle every day, enabling lower operating costs and a more efficient service, significantly reducing waiting times for the end user. Maximum effectiveness and increased productivity are guaranteed.


Reduce costs by improving service

A multi-tasking chatbot that easily integrates with your business systems and can handle customer and employee requests in real time and automatically.
Allow customers and employees to solve problems independently and quickly and always find what they need, whenever and wherever they are.


Reduce tickets and management time

Tickets require manual handling and hours of work by your agents. Responsa offers users an automated first level of 24/7 support, reducing incoming tickets, and improves their management by automating their opening, updating and resolution based on the changing status of the process on your business systems.

The chatbot will answer users’ questions in real time by querying the knowledge base, and only for the most complex requests will it guide the user in opening a ticket, collecting information, classifying and assigning tickets
by field of competence, allowing reduced handling times and more efficient management.


Reduce duplicate tickets

Thanks to the ability to easily set up proactive messages from the dashboard, the chatbot can actively alert the user of an issue when a chat is opened, reducing the number of duplicate tickets opened at the same time by several users, e.g. before an official communication is issued.
Responsa’s search engine also uses a set of metrics and algorithms that act in ensemble to determine the semantic similarity between two texts and thus identify any duplicate tickets, which are flagged within the management interface.


Simplify and make ticket creation and management effective

Responsa simplifies the opening, updating, status checking and management of tickets, making all process steps smooth, fast and effective.

In the event that the ChatBot is not able to help the user, it will guide the user in opening a ticket directly in the chatroom, routing him/her to the correct queue, reducing the handling and response time for the end user.

Furthermore, through custom developments, it is also possible to allow users to obtain information on the status of the ticket and to update the request directly via chat.

More effective customer service. Lower costs.

Responsa is all you need to offer an automated first level of support to your company’s customers and employees, whenever and wherever they are.


End-to-end process automation

Responsa’s APIs allow the chatbot to retrieve real-time information from your systems, your knowledge base or external data sources, and to drive basic or complex device processes (account unlocking, password resets, credential and permission requests, …), without the need for any human intervention and all from a single chat interface.


Access statistics and monitor user satisfaction levels

Access to insights and statistics will allow you to better understand and monitor the most frequent problems and user needs, enabling you to improve your service and solve any critical issues in a timely and targeted manner.
Through a dedicated dashboard, it is in fact possible to monitor the most frequent problems (types and areas of requests generating multiple tickets) and to supplement the knowledge base with new information.

In addition, the satisfaction survey provides valuable insights to better understand customers and their problems, improve service and provide more efficient support.

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Increase ROI by reducing costs

Automating your customer support service through the Responsa platform will allow you to reduce your operating costs and increase your ROI, resulting in significant annual savings and providing your team and your customers with an effective and efficient support service.

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