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Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence solutions are the new way to:

Reduce user care costs and wait times

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Improve customer experience

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Simplify the processes

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Manage peak requests better


ChatBot and the automotive industry

By communicating with ChatBot, your customers will be able to obtain information, at any time and without having to wait, about: products, services, financing and payment methods and purchase, leasing or rental procedures, and also book appointments, receive reminders and offers, request quotations, and much more!

Take your customer service to another level by equipping yourself with a scalable virtual assistant that can be integrated into various channels, which will allow you to manage an unlimited volume of requests 24/7, improve your Customer Experience and increase your ROI.

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Give detailed information about your products and services that is always accessible


Product information

By communicating with ChatBot, users can ask for detailed product information and obtain automatic and immediate answers and support. From the characteristics of the models available to information on spare parts and accessories: at any time and wherever they are, your users can immediately find the answers they are looking for.


Information on financing and incentives

Provide information on financing terms and conditions, payment methods, incentives, and much more easily and rapidly accessible at any time. Your users will simply need to ask the ChatBot!


Information on leasing and rental

Through ChatBot, your users can be given immediate information and support on everything they need to know about the rental or leasing terms and conditions, the availability and characteristics of the models, rates, etc., and be guided by the ChatBot through simple procedures in an easy way.


Top performance for the automotive sector

Reach potential customers effectively


Provide information on current offers

Allow your users to rapidly access information on current offers and promotions! They can ask the ChatBot for them at any time, quickly and easily.


Make booking and managing appointments smart

Can you book an appointment at the dealership directly via chat or Whatsapp quickly and easily, without having to wait? Yes, you can! Your users can do this at any time by chatting with ChatBot just like they would with your team.


Respond to requests for quotations

Your users can request quotations at any time, directly via chat, by communicating with ChatBot, which will guide them through the procedure in a simple and natural way.

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Take your relationship with your customers to a new level


Make car management Smarter, via chat

Your customers can manage procedures, appointments and requests for services through ChatBot, such as car servicing, a workshop appointment, and much more. All conveniently via a chat, easily and immediately, at any time and wherever they are, without having to wait.


Send automatic reminders to your customers

Send your customers information, alerts and customised reminders easily and automatically via ChatBot, related to deadlines and appointments, such as those related to a service, tax, instalments and much more.


Promote targeted offers

Use ChatBot to automatically send your customers and prospects information and offers that correspond to their actual interests, allowing you to build a closer relationship with your customers thanks to an effective and targeted promotion that enhances loyalty and purchase probabilities.

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