Easy and intuitive management from the Dashboard


Complete management
and control

A simple and intuitive administration panel with which you can manage Responsa independently, from the Knowledge Base to the ChatBot, as well as being able to access advanced statistics that allow you to view KPIs and metrics that are useful for measuring the ROI and getting to know your users’ needs better.

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Managing the ChatBot

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Managing the Knowkedge Base

Analytics Panel

Easy to configure

The intuitive interface of the Dashboard allows you to have everything under control quickly and easily, to manage Responsa independently and therefore, have full control of all the settings at every level.

The administration panel also allows access to insights and analytics, essential tools for getting to know users, improve the customer experience and maximise the ROI.


The Knowledge Base made easy

Managing the Knowledge Base is simplified thanks to a CMS, through which its contents are managed, which may be articles, FAQs or documents, the connected thesaurus, the settings of the proprietary semantic search engine and much more.


Intuitive management of the ChatBot

Any aspect of the ChatBot can be customised from its Dashboard: it easily updates dialogue messages, designs workflows and decision trees, connects webhooks and APIs for advanced integrations, trains the AI from the specific training section and log in to conversations with the users at any time.


Insight & Analytics

The Responsa Dashboard records all interactions and provides you with real-time statistics to allow you to understand your users better. It measures the ROI, monitors your KPIs and analyses the interactions of your users to discover their actual needs and improve the customer experience with targeted interventions.

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