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There are cases were the context of the conversation may require a ticket to be opened, for example if it is unable to handle the user’s request, the ChatBot can guide the user to open a ticket.

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Opening and managing Tickets

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Integration with third party platforms

Ticketing System

If the user does not find an answer through the ChatBot, they can open a ticket via the chat, which will go directly to your Support Team.

Responsa already offers a basic ticketing system and easily integrates with third party ticketing systems. If you already have a ticketing system, the ChatBot easily integrates with your platform.


Immediate support

The user can be given assistance in real time by opening a ticket in one click. Specific support and no waiting times thanks to the escalation allowed by the ChatBot.


Can be integrated and open

The ChatBot can be integrated with third-party ticketing platforms, allowing truly effective management of the assistance service in synergy with the tools that your team uses every day.


Effective ticket management

The ChatBot collects all the necessary data to complete the ticket correctly and automatically sends the chat transcripts to the agents for requests to be managed more smoothly and rapidly without losing the context.

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