Instant and intelligent support for your customers and employees


Answers to frequently asked questions available 24/7

An intelligent and constantly updated knowledge base, created from the actual needs of users, to give immediate answers to the frequently asked questions of customers and company employees and easy and instant access to the information they may need 24/7.

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Ingest of FAQs and documents

Neural Network

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Semantic Search

Public and private knowledge base

A Knowledge Base of documents and FAQs that can be managed through a simple and intuitive CMS and powered by any type of digital documentation, through which you can give your customers and employees easy and instant access to the information they need, at any time and in any place they may be. Document management also allows you to improve the document search experience and make it more efficient, facilitating their retrieval.

Enhance the Customer Care service by providing your customers with instant support with a public Knowledge Base. Accelerate training and support to the human resources and the sales network thanks to an internal Knowledge Base.


Quick help for everyone

Allow the users to find the answers and solutions they are looking for independently, at any time and in any place, and the support team to rapidly answer user requests, reducing response times.


Semantic search

Responsa’s search algorithm is based on a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence that always allows the best result to be found within the shortest possible time.


Integration within one minute

The Knowledge Base widget integration requires a few JavaScript code lines to be simply copied and pasted. You can use our APIs and Single Sign On for advanced integrations with your company’s legacy systems.


Effective content management

Creates and manages information and content in an intelligent, customised and always up-to-date manner, and make them accessible to users and Customer Care easily and instantly on all your digital touchpoints. Integrate Knowledge Base articles with images, videos and much more to make them more accessible and effective.

No waiting, no effort

The Knowledge Base allows both users and Customer Care to quickly and easily find the answers they are looking for, thereby allowing more requests to be managed in less time.

Transform the volume of information in Knowledge Base

Improve user management

Allow your users to find the information they are looking for in multiple ways and at any time, even from a smartphone or another device. Provide in-depth articles to help them resolve issues independently, preventing the support team from being overloaded with repetitive requests that are easy to resolve.

Improve customer satisfaction

You can fix the weak points and improve the customer care service thanks to user feedback on the articles in the Knowledge Base. You can also easily access insights and statistics that are useful to plan your next steps.

Advanced statistics

The analysis of user interactions with the Knowledge Base provides information on their actual needs, allows you to identify the critical instances in which they most often occur and the poorly effective areas of your company communication, thereby allowing you to improve your communication strategy.

More effective customer care

Provide your agents easy access to the internal Knowledge Base – an indispensable support they can rely on – allowing them to always have the solution at hand and significantly reduce response times.

Brand Identity

Always respond to repetitive requests in the same way, ensuring that the tone of voice is maintained. Customise the Knowledge Base design, making it an integral part of your website.

The right priority given to requests

The self-service Knowledge Base allows you to respond to the most frequent and repetitive requests automatically and quickly, optimising customer care time, thereby allowing the personnel to devote themselves to more complex requests.

Improved delivery of contextual knowledge to an employee or customer reduces a provider’s time to answer by 20% to 80%, raising competency and satisfaction.

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