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The advantages of Responsa

Answers instantly

A Virtual Assistant available at any time for the next generation Customer Care and Shopping Experience.

Installed in 1 minute

Copy and paste a few code lines and you are ready to go within a minute. The basic integration of Responsa requires a few JavaScript code lines to be simply copied and pasted!

24/7 user support

The ChatBot Responsa uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to satisfy your users’ questions automatically, 24/7 and in real time.


For your customers


For your employees


Download the in-depth reports to discover the benefits and results obtained thanks to Responsa!

Rob, the new chatbot for professionals

Rob, the new chatbot for professionals

A.I. at the service of the customer experience in purchasing professional insurance.

Claire, CNP's digital assistant

Claire, CNP's digital assistant

The ChatBot that answers CNP Assurances customers' questions quickly and effectively.


Our A.I. solutions are transversal to any sector

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Service Management


Get the most out of Responsa

The main features

Full integration with leading market platforms: provide instant automation across all channels.

The semantic search algorithm allows you to always find the best result within the shortest possible time.

By converting voice to text and vice versa in real time, users can interact via the voice interface.

A Chatbot able to work effectively in all languages to provide total user support.

Responsa provides you with real-time statistics to allow you to understand your users better.

Responsa can self-learn from user interactions and become increasingly autonomous.

Responsa integrates with the tools you already use to obtain the most from your customer data.

Communicate with your customers on the world’s most popular and loved instant messaging App.


An entire platform at your disposal


The intelligent conversational support for your business

Live Chat

Dedicated assistance in real time

Knowledge Base

Supporto istantaneo e intelligente per i tuoi clienti e dipendenti


Ticket opening service at the touch of a chat


Simple and intuitive content management

The Dashboard is included

You have full control of your account settings, Knowledge Base content and ChatBot configurations, advanced statistics and much more – all from your Dashboard.

Start to grow with Responsa

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