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Effective and efficient customer service alongside your customers.

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Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence solutions are the new way to:

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Reduce customer care costs and wait times

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Improve user experience

Simplify processes

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Manages peak requests better


ChatBot and Utilities

Thanks to Responsa’s ChatBot, dialogue becomes the ideal tool to interact with the users, support and guide them in their requests and requirements, respond to their needs, significantly reducing waiting times and repetitive requests to the call centres, allowing greater conversions and customer acquisition and loyalty.

ChatBots are the best tool to handle an almost unlimited volume of requests non-stop, anytime and anywhere the user is.

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The best customer service experience


Assistance, managing complaints and procedures

The virtual assistance is always ready to instantly respond to the user requests and complaints with relevant useful information, and to support the user through guided procedures, even when your team is absent.


Reduce the waiting times

Automated management of the most frequent requests allows the waiting times to be significantly reduced, thereby optimising user management, reducing assistance costs and offering specific support to a potentially unlimited number of users at the same time.


Collect customer feedback

Users can provide feedback on the answers they receive from the virtual assistant or from your team, allowing you to gather important insights and improve your Customer Experience.


User guide

Responsa’s AI can immediately answer the most frequently asked questions and guide the users through the simplest procedures and completing the most suitable offers according to their needs, allowing for greater conversions and automation of processes.


Top performance for the Utilities sector

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Free up the call centre


Automated procedures

The repetitive and simple procedures can be automated and carried out by the user via the ChatBot, thereby not occupying the call centre.


Reduce in-bound traffic

Automated management of the most frequent and repetitive requests allows you to reduce user assistance management costs, thereby freeing up the call centre to manage more complex requests.


Information available 24/7

At any time and wherever the user may be, they can ask for information about everything they need to know on services, costs and procedures, obtaining immediate support and replies.

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