Service Management: how to revolutionize it thanks to AI & ChatBots

Service Management and Artificial Intelligence 

More and more companies are exploiting the advantages of artificial intelligence, especially ChatBot based solutions, to simplify processes management, meet the needs of customers increasingly willing for immediate responses and fluid procedures, reduce costs and increase efficiency of the service.

The great potential of ChatBots is not only around customer service and e-commerce. In IT Service Management, a ChatBot is a strategic ally for the IT help desk, an indispensable component of the business process. The adoption of a ChatBot allows you to revolutionize the way the service desk is managed, transforming standardized and little variable processes into automated and simplified operations.

ChatBot and IT Service Management (ITSM) 

Most of the requests that the IT help desk has to manage are repetitive (think, for example, of the very frequent requests for support in accessing your account, resetting your password, etc.). These are monotonous activities, which take away precious time from help desk resources, which could instead devote themselves to managing more dynamic and complex requests. Consequently, the user experience of the end user is also compromised, because the raise of tickets and waiting time for answers collides with the hindered productivity of the help desk, which is engaged in the management of repetitive requests. The final result is a dispersion of productivity, poor cost management and reduced efficiency and effectiveness of the service.

In the IT service management process, the ChatBot allows help desk agents to be relieved from routine activities that can be automated and managed by the bot autonomously at any time, 24/7. Smart bots are able to understand human language, interpret information contextually, extract data from various sources and answer simple user questions, solve problems and provide self-service resolution options. In this way, users can obtain answers and solutions, or raise a ticket and check its status independently in a chat, without having to rely to IT assistance and wait a long time for the resolution of simple problems. Adopting a ChatBot therefore allows you to improve the user experience and optimize resources by reducing costs and maximizing revenues.

Simplify the management and reduce the volume of tickets

The ChatBot makes processes management in business service management more efficient. Specifically, it allows you to significantly reduce the number of incoming tickets linked to requests for assistance, and thus reduce both costs and management times. The manual management of tickets requires many hours of work by the agents, but thanks to the ChatBot, which automates the first level of assistance, users can find the solutions they need in self-service.

The bot is able to automate any type of business process by communicating via API with the company legacy systems. This allows the bot to manage standardized processes and low-level activities that would take a long time if done manually. The automated management of tickets also makes it possible to reduce resolution times. The user is guided by the ChatBot in raising a ticket directly in chat and can update or ask for the status of his tickets at anytime.

Improve the user experience 

Thanks to the ChatBot, it is also possible to easily set up proactive messages that automatically notify the user of a problem or the temporary suspension of a service, thus reducing the number of duplicated incoming requests. The ChatBot is also able to identify duplicate tickets, categorize, assign and prioritize tickets, allowing even faster and more effective management.

Through the ChatBot it is possible to collect valuable information on the most frequent problems and customer preferences, useful for improving the service, making the support more effective and the processes more fluid.

ChatBot integration with ITSM platforms

Integrating a ChatBot with your ITSM solution helps to make business processes even more efficient and drastically reduce the volume of tickets related to simple and repetitive requests. Responsa ChatBot can be integrated with any ITSM platform, such as Jira, one of Atlassian’s most widely used ITSM solution for managing business processes and services. Integrating the ChatBot with a tool like Jira and Jira Service Management allows you to reduce the number of incoming tickets by providing better and automated support to the user, like answering his frequently asked questions querying a knowledge base of FAQs in Confluence. ChatBot setup and training is quick and easy, and the conversational interface allows users to resolve their issues faster, communicating with the bot natural language. The ChatBot can also guide the user in raising a Jira ticket directly in chat. Thanks to the integration with Responsa ChatBot, ticket management becomes even more fluid and effective: the ChatBot is in fact able to categorize tickets, route them to the correct queue for faster resolution, and identify duplicate tickets. Through the ChatBot, the user can also request information on the status of their ticket directly in chat. Adopting a ChatBot is a strategic choice that allows you to reduce management and waiting times, operating costs and the volume of repetitive requests, with investment returns starting just a few months after entry into operation, as well as greater efficiency, a better retention and the opportunity to innovate at a much faster pace.

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