88 microphone


Communicate with the AI in a natural manner.

Use your voice to chat with the ChatBot – just like you would with a person.

Voice recognition

Responsa easily integrates with the best voice recognition technologies on the market. The ChatBot Responsa is therefore able to convert voice to text and vice versa in real time, allowing users to interact via the chat voice interface.

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Natural interactions

Talking with the ChatBot will be as natural as chatting, thanks to the integration with advanced voice recognition technologies!


The effectiveness of the AI, the human personality

The voice recognition function allows you to take advantage of the benefits of interacting with the AI through the human communication mode par excellence: spoken language.


Accessible to all

The voice recognition function allows you to communicate with the ChatBot even if this is not possible through written text.

You're in good company

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Customised analysis that simulates your ROI

In the analysis report that we will send you, we will simulate on the basis of the data that you will provide us your potential savings and the time of return of the investment!