Effective, fast, transparent and always available public administration.

Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence solutions are the new way to:

Reduce user care costs and wait times

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Improve the user experience

Simplify processes

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Manages peak requests better


ChatBot and Public Administration

Introducing AI and ChatBot in Public Administration allows the provision of services to citizens to be more effective and efficient, whatever the area of interest.

Thanks to ChatBot, users can obtain rapid and accurate information at any time without having to wait, be given support and assistance, be guided through simple procedures, make appointments, submit requests for forms and much more.

A virtual assistant alongside PA employees and close to citizens, for smoother management of requests and an immediate response to the user requirements.

ChatBots are the best tool to continuously manage an almost unlimited volume of requests, at any time and in any place where the user may be.

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Offices are always open: close to the citizens at all times


Information is always available, 24/7

At any time and wherever the user may be, they can ask for information about everything they need to know on services, procedures, laws, regulations, documentation, forms and much more, obtaining immediate support, assistance and replies.


Smart Bookings

Through the ChatBot, the user can make reservations and manage appointments automatically and rapidly, without having to wait.

Services, information and procedures via chat, in an instant


It guides the user’s search rapidly and effectively

The user can easily and quickly find exactly what they are looking for by communicating with the ChatBot, be it specific documentation and forms, specific information or concrete guidance through and about procedures, laws, regulations and much more.


Provide the user with personal information in an instant

The ChatBot can guide the user in an easy, intuitive and fast way, to obtain their personal information and guide them through the necessary procedures to perform simple operations with them.

Condivisione della conoscenza: una nuova forma di cultura

Condivisione della conoscenza: una nuova forma di cultura

Uno strumento di Knowledge Management è il modo ideale per capitalizzare quel patrimonio di conoscenze presenti...

Knowledge Base efficace? Ecco come crearla

Knowledge Base efficace? Ecco come crearla

La knowledge base è una risorsa fondamentale, poichè fornisce agli utenti un punto di contatto per i problemi più banali...

Il linguaggio naturale nell’intelligenza artificiale: NLP

Il linguaggio naturale nell’intelligenza artificiale: NLP

Con NLP si designa l'Intelligenza Artificiale che si occupa dell’elaborazione informatica del linguaggio umano...

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